Monday, September 3, 2012

[pic] chocolate cake garden ver.

chocolate cake in the house..after a very long long time :)

but not enough M&M for the top..huu
credit: kak linda for the recipe^^

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

[trip] Seoul & Jeju island

On 25th June to 2nd July marked the best memories of my life. the holiday that i've been dreaming all of my life--->South Korea:)
it was amazing...the scenery, the excitement, the food..ALL has been great experience.
basically, korean people basic meal were rice, soup and the side dishes..not to forget the main side dishes or they called 'banchan' (if i'm not mistaken) kimchi.

these were few of the meal we had~

chicken stew-added with potato. the taste like rendang +curry+asam pedas?..something like that..hee
the side dishes- we had radish kimchi, anchovies, fish cakes and taufu

the next day we had mushrooms's like6 types of mushrooms there

the side dishes- special that day was potato pancake.others were, kimchi, seaweed and fishcakes

this is one of the best meal, fresh grille mackarel:)

seaweed and clam soup

this is the expensive s meal..last day at Jeju--seafood!!

don't forget the ramen:)

dukbukki or spicy rice cakes

fishcake soup

at Nami island we had this special meal: kimchi rice.  

then we shake it like this...

.....and the it became like this:)

this is bulgogi..meat stew..halal beef of cource,,hee. it was very delicious..

we also had pakistanist food:)

chicken stew with ginseng - samgyetang

last day we had japanese food.tempura prawn:)


Monday, April 11, 2011

[pic] Mak & Ayah 26th anniversary

Specially bake for them:)
the shape says it all:)


basic cake mix..tambah color2 je..ada sentuhan jiji jugak:)
pic quality x best..pki hp je snap..

Saturday, February 12, 2011

[recepi] peach cake

For mak 54th birthday-30th Jan 2011-

Birthday woman?LOL

finish in 1 day:)
sponge cake

1 cup flour (100g)
1 cup sugar (110g) 
3 eggs
2 tbs fresh milk
15g butter - heated with milk
 vanila essence

heat oven to 180 degree. separate egg yolk and beat with 1/3 sugar until became more whitish. beat white egg in another bowl with
remaining sugar. put in flour bit by bit, egg yolk and butter that had been melted with milk. lastly vanilla essence. pour into 18 inch baking
pan. bake in 180 degree oven for about 30 to 40 minutes.

cake arrangement

beat 2 cup heavy cream with 1/4 cup confectioner's sugar to make the frosting. when the cake is done, cut into 2 portion . arrange
the first layer of the cake followed with frosting and peaches. top with another layer of cake and finish up with remaining cream.
finally place the peaches slices..

Friday, October 15, 2010

[trip] kelantan

on 8th Oct 2010-10th Oct 2010 we have a trip to kelantan for QA module..visiting MH UMMI, looking into factory layout n production..

back to tasty post:)
during the stay at Kelantan taste few original kelatanese meals..laksam for 1st day breakfast.along with limau ais..they call it 'singo beng' *not sure the spelling*..cute eh?

laksam~kuetiau-like mee with fish gravy

singo beng aka ice lemon
kuih 'topi'<--akak said

apom~there's kaya inside

kuih akok
and for tea having 'colek' at pantai cahaya bulan:).colek is just mix of fried stuff (prawn, squid, crab stick, etc) and eat with sauce..



 the trip feels too short..gonna visit kelantan again when there's a chance:)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

[pic] done

sebelum ni quite number jugak desert yang dah buat..jadi dgn tak jadi, dua2 byk pic dalam memory card handphone. the bad news is, memory card dh rosak..ermm, byk gambr dah takde..
yang ingat dh buat~carrot cake, cream puff, cheese cake, cupcake..

these few pic are from my lappy:)

strawberry layer cake for akak's birthday

one slice pix

there's starwberries and vanilla cream:)
blackforrest cake~ bawa masa picnic dekat bukit fraser
chocolate cake and cheese layer topped with
bluberry and vaanilla frosting

chocolate moist cake

rainbow cake~mak's secret recepi:)

[pic] raya

selamat hari raya to all!!

walaupun dah hari ke 21 raya, saya still nk post up ni..raya tahun ni kami buat open house, more like family gathering sebelah ayah..around 80+ juga saudara yang datang. yang menarik, kami masak sendiri..mainly mak and mama yang jadi chef. ktorng jadi buruh je..kupas bawang, rendang kacang, potong ayam..

part of bawang yag dah kupas

kacang tanah..belum rendang lagi

kerisik..before tumbuk

lepas tumbuk..

part of the menu
menu for that day..
~rendang ayam
~nasi impit
~kuah kacang
~mee and beehoon sup
~kek chocolate and pelangi
~koktail buah (my own recepi^^)
~buah oren
~air sarsi and

except for lemang yag tempah, yag lain masak sendiri. memang satu experience masak byk2..sgt penat but best:) kek chocolate tak jadi hari tue, tp koktail buah mmg sangat laku, sampai tak cukup..ada masa will post up the recepi and pic..chiao!